Dear Jack,

You were my first dog, so I didn’t know what to expect when we adopted you.  You’ve been a great dog, but I had no idea how great until Miss Lily came into our lives.  So this letter is to thank you for:

– Not pooping and peeing on the floor, especially when we just came back from a 30 minute walk

– Not jumping on the counter to steal dinner/breakfast/eggs I just gathered, gouging the cabinets in the process

– Not chewing on my brand-new $300 camera

– Not pulling so hard on the leash that I developed a blister on my hand

– Not slipping your collar/sneaking by our legs when we open the door/pulling the leash out of my hands so that you end up running free all over other people’s property

– Coming when we call your name rather than stopping to stare at us before running in the opposite direction at top speed

– Not barking at the chickens ALL DAY LONG

– Not whining in your crate ALL NIGHT LONG

– See above post re: Not puking all over my car

So, in summation, Jackson – you are awesome, and I am so sorry for bringing this pretty little terror into your house to jump all over you and bite your ears while you try to sleep.




Or, “Why My Car Will Never Smell the Same”

All Breed Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue society that doesn’t have a physical shelter location, so all of their dogs are kept in foster homes or boarding kennels until they’re adopted.  You should check out their website – they have TONS of wonderful pups available!  Dave and I have been talking about getting another dog for a while now but just don’t feel ready yet, so instead we decided to foster.

So Saturday morning (my 28th birthday, woohoo) we drove to the South Burlington Petco, where ABR was having an Adopt-a-Thon event, to pick up our very first foster dog.  She’s an adorable and sweet black lab mix named Leslie (not my fault, so shush).  She sat in my lap when I crouched down to greet her and nuzzled my neck… yeah, this is gonna work out just fine.  She and Jack got along right away too.  All was going well until we got in the car to take her home.

I was sitting in my backseat with Jack on one side and Leslie on the other.  About 10 minutes into the 1 1/2hr ride, someone turned a faucet on in Leslie’s mouth – saliva started pouring out!  Leslie was soon soaked with her own spit, not to mention the entire backseat, Jack, and myself too.  It didn’t take long for her to start retching.

Have you ever tried to hold a plastic bag in front of a puking dog’s snout?  They don’t appreciate your efforts to save your upholstery or your clothing.  Instead they shake all around and vomit right into the vents on your car door.

An hour later, we were home.  And my poor car will never smell the same.